Better Thinking, Better Results

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do in the way that you do it, and why others do things very differently? Why do you always leave the same sort of things to the last minute? Why are you struggling with some tasks when others don’t? And why are some people so frustrating to work with, when it is so easy for others?

Well, it’s all about our thinking patterns, we all create different neurological habits – like autopilot programmes in our brains. I have been fascinated by this tool ever since I did my first assessment back in 2011 and it has been incredibly powerful for me to have this awareness about myself and others. It has in particular helped me adapt my communication style; I am much better at persuading and influencing, for example, as well as building an effective level of collaboration. Watch this very interesting YouTube video to learn more about the background.

I run this programme for teams who are looking to improve their collaboration, their communication and ultimately enhance their effectiveness. Each participant will get an individual report to understand their own thinking preferences and there will be a group report so you are able to see each other’s preferences and the overall team profile.

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The programme includes:

  • Half-hour group briefing session, delivered via Zoom (recording will be available)
  • Individual HBDI assessments
  • Two-hour group debrief; delivered on Zoom
  • One-hour individual debrief; via phone call or video call according to your preference

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