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I have just finished my coaching sessions with Betina and am totally wowed. To be totally honest, I didn’t expect to get too much out of these sessions when I signed up, but simply thought it would be worth a try to shape some new ideas I had. I must add that I had never taken any coaching until then as I have always been a believer that I can do everything on my own, without external help.

I could never have imagined what these 5 coaching sessions with Betina would unlock. Her subtle and friendly, yet determined and disciplined way of asking questions and guiding the sessions have helped me to dig deep and to explore my true passions, to face my fears, to gain confidence and to come up with my very own answers.

Her contagious can-do attitude and her push for accountability have made all the difference. In only five sessions, I did not only gain clarity on what I want to achieve but I was also guided on finding answers to how I can achieve it by laying out next steps and a personal timeline.

I highly recommend the coaching sessions with Betina to anyone who is ready to take the next big step in their life and to consciously reshape it in line with their passions and values.

Doris, Travel Coach, Switzerland

When I started working with Betina I was feeling very insecure. I felt like my life had no meaning and that I wasn’t adding any value to anyone or anything. She has helped me find a new meaning to my life; I have found my purpose. I have learnt that if I don’t look after myself, I can’t look after others.

I am a better person because of Betina’s coaching.

Madelein Perry, Tanzania

After doing leadership coaching with Betina for just a short period of time, I have noticed a great improvement in how my team sees me as a leader. We have built a greater level of trust and connection as a team.

What makes Betina an outstanding coach is her ability to get you to think about your goals, identify what you need to change to achieve those goals, and help execute on the changes.

Betina’s knowledge and passion for what she does is second to none.

Mia Neethling, South Africa

“The Heart-Centred Leadership Programme has made a huge impact on me. I now feel more confident making tougher decisions and having difficult conversations with my team.

Betina’s experience and knowledge really shined through. I felt so at ease and comfortable reflecting and taking an introspective look without feeling judged or any shame, something I wouldn’t normally do. That is credit to Betina, she created a safe space that respected everyone’s boundaries.

Regardless of age and experience it is never too late to invest in our own development. My life will never be the same, I am now on a quest to grow and continually lead myself so I can lead others.

Sam, General Manager UK

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When choosing a coach, it’s important to find a person that you really connect with and who is using a coaching process that resonates with you. Therefore, I offer a free 30 mins discovery call, so that we can get to know each other a little and you can find out more about how I can support you. Just send me a note and we’ll book it in.