The Coaching Process

People look for coaches to help them make a change – often an incredibly significant change – either in their personal or professional lives. It could for example be to…

  • Build confidence
  • Get clarity on their career path
  • Realise a dream
  • Live a more fulfilled life
  • Achieve work success
  • Make lifestyle changes
  • Start a business
  • Get through difficult life situations
  • Live courageously and without regrets
  • Getting the most out of life

My process is however very similar no matter which goal you have for your coaching experience. Goal-setting is our first step – what do you want to change, what are you looking to achieve? With this information, we can start the process of identifying anything that is getting in your way of reaching your goals and what actions are needed for you to succeed. It is a wonderful process of self-reflection and learning.

A quick reminder that as your coach I will not offer you solutions or advice, and I am not a counsellor. I am there to support you to find your own answers!

You hold the key to be able to live the life you want – you have the map, so together let’s find out what your destination and your route is.

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